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New features live: the results of Program Increment 2023-03 and 2023-04

Results of the last development phase
New features in the areas of Visibility & Analytics, Supply Chain Collaboration, Supplier Quality Management and AirSupply

May we present the new features that our developers have realized over the past months. These are the highlights from the different areas:


Visibility & Analytics

Our goal? Continuously increasing transparency for transports! In the Container Tracking Overview customers can now view the current position of the ships with their shipments on a map. The color scale shows whether the shipments arrive on time (green) or whether there are deviations (yellow or red depending on the length of the delay).


Supply Chain Collaboration

There are many new functions to discover in Supply Chain Collaboration:

  • In the order overview, a preview now shows orders in PDF format and allows to navigate through the list at the same time.

  • Previously, collaboration within the solution could only happen between the customer and their suppliers. With “Extended Collaboration”, the customer can now define an additional party (for example a logistics service provider) that performs certain tasks for one or more suppliers.

  • The overview of call-offs (call-off preview, delivery call-offs, detailed call-offs) now also appears in a new and modern user interface.

In the Capacity Management solution, our development teams have added an assessment-driven component. The customer can use it to carry out a structured evaluation of the supplier’s capacity data. This is particularly helpful

  • in case of poor quality,
  • in the start-up phase and for new developments,
  • for strategically important parts,
  • for new suppliers – or simply to reduce the general risk in the supply chain.


Supplier Quality Management

The compact “All Questions” overview allows users to view all questions in the Technical Review solution and analyze their status at a glance. If required, users can also access a specific question directly from here. This function is very useful for both customers and suppliers, especially for complex questionnaires.

In the Problem Solver solution, it is now possible to work with a database when manually entering material master data. This is particularly interesting for customers who do not use their own backend system.



Within AirSupply the Practical Problem Solver (9S) has also seen some changes:

  • The new analysis solution with KPIs can be used to monitor the performance and number of 9S documents created over time.
  • The “Quality Wall” is now also available as an additional tool for improving quality. The customer can activate it on a 9S document to carry out additional important checks.
  • The customer can now also record identified quality defects – so-called non-qualities – and share them with the supplier.
  • With the advanced search, users can create and save their repeated searches as individual profiles.



So many new functions! Stay tuned and discover the results of the current development phase!

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