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New features developed in Program Increment 2023-02

Before starting a new development period, let's look back at what has been accomplished.
Before starting a new development period, let’s look back at what has been accomplished.

Time flies! Twelve weeks have gone by again: We present the work of our development teams in the solutions Supplier Quality Management, Invoicing and AirSupply.


Supplier Quality Management

The goal of the last three months was to create more transparency for the customer and supplier in the Technical Review solution by means of a new status display in the navigation area: As a result, the users can now easily identify the categories in which questions have already been answered. They can also immediately check which categories contain questions that have been accepted, not accepted, or tentatively confirmed.



The user interface of SupplyOn Invoicing has been rebuilt from the ground up both in terms of design and functionality: Users can now see a lot faster which functions are available to them and how they can use them.

Thanks to the revision of the invoice validation, it is now possible to identify and correct potential validation errors more easily.

Invoice list overviewAll lists, such as the invoice list, now have a full table view with extended display options. For example, the users can more easily show and hide columns, sort, move or filter them as needed.

Even non-registered suppliers can now view the processing status of invoices in the Payment Status Overview. They no longer have to contact the customer’s support team and get the information they need much faster.

Payment Status Overview

Find more information about the new user interface here.



The last few months have also been dedicated to making it even easier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use the AirSupply SCM solution. The Easy Starter Package includes process simplifications as well as a streamlined message format that can be implemented even without any mapping experience. The new preconfigured software enables a stable and encrypted exchange of

  • order data,
  • order confirmation data
  • and forecast data.


In the Scaled Agile Framework, one development period seamlessly follows the next. So stay tuned to find out which new features we will develop in the next Program Increment.

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