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Remember suppliers put the “supply” in “Supply Chain”

Supplier buy-in and commitment are crucial for the success of supply chain digitization projects
Supplier buy-in is crucial to the success of supply chain digitization projects

In North America we’re seeing our clients actively re engage in supply chain digitization projects. One topic that our clients tend to overlook at first is how to get suppliers to buy into these projects. End-to-end visibility is the holy grail everyone is looking for, but it’s impossible without suppliers feeding data into the system.

Here’s some things to start talking to your suppliers about now:

  • Would it help for you to see in the same place the criteria you’re being evaluated on?
  • Would it help you for everyone to be able to see that your shipment got to our dock or find out about problems sooner?
  • Would it help you if we helped your IT team become ready for these types of initiatives with us and your other clients?

Remember it takes two to Tango and as we continue to see a huge uptick in Control Tower projects it’s crucial to get your suppliers on board. The best approach is to help them sell the value of the project internally as better for them not better for you. We’re always ready to help discuss any of the these topics further.

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