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Thomas Hübsch

Sales Manager

Hardly any other industry is as affected by technological and macroeconomic, but also by geopolitical upheavals as the automotive industry: the ongoing transformation toward electromobility with its consequences for the entire value chain. The connectivity of vehicles and other modes of transport to infrastructure. Autonomous driving. Plus conflicts long thought to have been overcome that call into question the previously certain global consensus that economic cooperation can bring together different political and social models or at least keep them in a positive exchange.

Its innovative power and the high appreciation of automotive products in the market and also the corporate and cross-company processes are very often benchmark for the manufacturing industry and role models for other industries — this fascinates me and this is also where I see my task to further advance this process excellence.

In my articles, I try to address the potentials of cross-company collaboration beyond telephone, fax and e-mail. Working more than 30 years in automotive and IT, I have already seen a lot, which I am happy to share with you.

Posts by Thomas Hübsch: