Looking through your suppliers’ walls

Global supply chains, tight scheduling, long production times, high degree of customization, short-term changes in demand: All of this classically leads to high, and thus expensive, safety stocks. After all, a company’s own production and its supply reliability to the customer should not be endangered in any way by delivery bottlenecks at the supplier or delays in inbound transport.

What companies lack is a look behind the scenes and into the production of their suppliers.

This is precisely where SupplyOn Production-to-Supply comes in by answering the following questions: Are my suppliers producing the parts I need on time? Is their production and supply planning optimally synchronized with my own demand planning? Will the parts be delivered on time? When do I have to place my order with the suppliers, given the replenishment time and the suppliers’ current production output?

As a result, companies get a holistic view of the entire process – right the way through from forecast and subsequent changes to demand and call offs, production, safety stocks, to delivery and goods receipt at their premises. This provides an exceptionally high level of transparency and enables effective supply chain management. In short: Industry 4.0 in action.

How you benefit from Production-to-Supply via SupplyOn

  • Get transparency on the production progress of your critical parts at your supplier and enable fast reaction in case of deviations.
  • Avoid late deliveries by identifying potential delays with our machine learning powered algorithms.
  • Benefit from better traceability by integrating production process data from suppliers MES (manufacturing execution systems).
  • Align production capacities at your supplier with your long term planning (e.g. S&OP).