Finance Portal

More transparency for your suppliers means more efficient processes for you

With SupplyOn’s Finance Portal, supplier inquiries concerning the invoice status are a thing of the past. Suppliers can easily view the current processing status of their invoices and the planned payment date online. The special feature: It is absolutely insignificant how your suppliers issued their invoices—be it via SupplyOn, e-mail, letter or fax.

So instead of answering queries about the invoice status, your accounting department can now fully focus on its core tasks. SupplyOn thus supports you in processing invoices quickly and efficiently and ininitiating the payment process faster, thereby avoiding possible dunning charges.

Integrated inquiry channel for a high service level

For all other billing topics, your suppliers can comfortably turn to the integrated inquiry channel in the Finance Portal. This channel is seamlessly connected to your internal support processes and provides your suppliers with the option to submit general inquiries, balance confirmation requests for auditing purposes, or dunning notices. Attachment options and mandatory fields support internal mapping and facilitate processing.

Your business benefits with SupplyOn Finance Portal

  • You provide your supplier with insight into the processing status of their invoices, thus considerably reducing the number of inquiries you receive.
  • It makes no difference whether your supplier has used SupplyOn for invoicing or has issued the invoice via another channel.
  • You benefit from highly efficient processing thanks to the automatic assignment of requests.
  • You increase quality through digitized processes, in which no inquiry is ever lost.