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Performance Management

Clear facts and figures to maximize the performance of your suppliers in the long run

Sustainably increase the performance of your supply chain

To meet the increasing demands and requirements of your customers, your performance management needs to extend beyond the boundaries of your own company. In order to involve your suppliers in the continuous improvement process, current and valid evaluation data must be communicated to your suppliers regularly and promptly. With the ability to analyze historical data and compare it with current values, you create the basis for identifying and exploiting full potential for improvement.

Via SupplyOn, evaluation data such as parts quality and on-time delivery are transferred securely and automatically from your internal system to your suppliers. Numerous filter functions support your suppliers in easily evaluating the data from the company level down to the parts level. Traffic light functions directly indicate critical values. You and your suppliers can monitor the evaluations in graphical or tabular form over time to identify trends in development. Weak points are thus quickly identified. Your supplier can counteract with targeted improvement measures and increase his performance in the long term.

Your benefits of
Performance Management

Your suppliers can access current, clearly presented performance data at any time and evaluate it in a targeted manner. Time-consuming queries are avoided in this way

As the information is always up-to-the-minute, your suppliers can counteract problems more quickly

You give your suppliers a powerful analysis tool they can use to continuously improve their performance

Up-to-date, correct assessment data give you a basis for efficiently developing your suppliers, thereby also strengthening your own competitive position

Collaborative On Time Delivery (OTD) in the aerospace industry

A collaborative process between customer and supplier has become established in the European aerospace industry for evaluating delivery performance: Within fixed time horizons, delivery reliability is jointly validated between supplier and customer before this value is included in the overall evaluation. With SupplyOn, the collaborative evaluation process is mapped with system support: Before a delivery is recorded in the system as completed, the customer’s assessment of delivery reliability is automatically queried. These evaluations are then regularly reconciled with the supplier, for example at the end of the month. This ensures maximum transparency in supplier evaluation for both sides and efficiently supports an increase in performance.

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