Supplier Evaluation

Use clear facts to maximize quality on a permanent basis

In order to meet your customers’ quality requirements, your quality management can’t stop at your own company boundaries. A sustained supplier quality management system requires current and valid assessment data that you regularly communicate with your suppliers. But you can only create a useful foundation for your suppliers to identify improvement potential when analyses and comparisons with historical data can be made.

With SupplyOn, assessment data from your internal system, such as parts quality and delivery reliability, is sent securely and automatically to your suppliers; in addition to this, there are a number of filter functions to help your suppliers easily evaluate the data from the group level down to the parts level. Traffic light functions direct them to critical values right away. You and your suppliers can monitor assessments in graphic or table form over a period of time in order to identify developing trends. Weaknesses can thereby be promptly detected and your supplier can implement targeted countermeasures for improvement.

How you benefit from supplier evaluation with SupplyOn:

  • Your suppliers have access anytime to current, clearly laid out supplier assessment data and can analyze these in a targeted manner. This saves them having to make time-consuming enquiries.
  • Because the information is always up-to-the-minute, your suppliers can counteract problems more quickly.
  • You give your suppliers a powerful analysis tool they can use to specifically improve their quality and logistics capacity.
  • Up-to-date, correct assessment data give you a basis for efficiently developing your suppliers, thereby also strengthening your own competitive position.

Collaborative On Time Delivery (OTD) in the aerospace industry

A collaborative process between customer and supplier has been established for analyzing on time delivery in the European aerospace industry. In this connection, on time delivery is mutually validated between supplier and customer within fixed time horizons before this value is added into the overall evaluation. With SupplyOn, the collaborative evaluation procedure is depicted on a system-supported basis: before a delivery is recorded in the system as completed, the customer is first requested to assess the delivery reliability. These assessments are then coordinated together with the supplier on a regular basis, e.g. at the end of each month. This ensures that both sides have maximum transparency with regard to supplier evaluation.