Supply Chain Collaboration

The key to success for sustainable supply chains

A critical factor for business success is a company’s ability to work together with external partners. In this connection, solutions from SupplyOn provide valuable assistance: Supply Chain Collaboration is the approach with which cross-company collaboration in the overall supply network is defined and which enables companies to make their worldwide supply chains controllable.

When SupplyOn was established more than ten years ago, the company was a pioneer for the electronic transfer of data among companies and their suppliers. Today, solutions from SupplyOn provide much more: its value added no longer lies in data transmission alone, but particularly in the valuable information gained from this exchange.

What does this mean specifically?

By implementing our solutions, for instance, our customers can learn not only that in two days their supplier will deliver 300 injection pumps to gate 5 (this is raw data); they also gain much more critical information that tells them this will not be enough to keep production running. And better yet: the supplier receives this information too and can take appropriate countermeasures.

Successful companies nowadays are adept at managing the electronic exchange of information with suppliers. But what makes an organization truly successful is the useful, additional information that is gained from collaborative processes in conjunction with an entire supply chain network.

We make our platform available as a basis for combining individual companies into complete value added networks. This is the foundation for our proven business applications which enable the continuous control of business processes along global supply chains. We call this cross-company collaboration, and it is made possible in a secure environment regardless of systems, company or country borders. Or simply put: Supply Chain Collaboration.