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RailSupply on track for success

Our supply chain management solutions originally focused on the automobile industry. However, now that the aviation industry has shown an interest in our solutions and is already successfully making use of our AirSupply product, the railway industry is now right on track for our services: RailSupply is already in demand and there are a number of companies throughout Europe who are making rapid progress with our solutions..

During a recent visit to southern Europe, a potential customer made it clear to us, just what type of problems train manufacturers are facing. The procurement of resources (in the form of raw materials, primary products and services) and other preliminary products through external suppliers, is subject to extremely complex processes. It is a major challenge to a supplier to incorporate all of these supply chains, in terms of the various data formats involved and the integration of unlike systems and complex, variable processes. A train manufacturer needs to be able to rely on promises of supplies, with minimal quantity shortfalls. Failure to comply with delivery times or quantities throws grit in the gears of the production chain.

During our visit, we were able to see clearly for ourselves the human impact that results from people simply forgetting to communicate supply limitations, even though orders had already been confirmed by telephone. This quickly leads not only to considerable delays, but also to financial losses.

It is here that we have managed to score; thanks to our sophisticated system that offers space for celerity and transparency, resulting in savings in both cost and time for the customer, the SupplyOn consulting team can devise a customer-oriented solution for virtually any process, while our registration team gives support in supplier onboarding. We understand the concern that suppliers often have when it comes to implementing new systems, which is why our training department and customer support team offer round-the-clock assistance in the introduction and use of the systems, which is available in eight languages.

The overall package is both unique and promising. I am sure that the success of SupplyOn in the rail industry will be as rapid as it has been in the automobile and aviation industries.

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