Procure all material groups easily via a central system – with Purchase to Pay from SupplyOn

The Internet has simplified our daily lives in many ways: we can book hotel rooms and flights on travel portals, shop on Amazon and do our banking online – things we now take for granted and simply can’t do without. Companies also want to purchase production material, indirect materials and services just as quickly and easily. The solution of choice for them – especially for companies in the manufacturing industry – is SupplyOn.

SupplyOn provides both the global supplier network and the functionalities to handle the entire purchase-to-pay process online quickly and transparently. This also includes a powerful invoicing solution that is integrated into the overall process which means the invoicing data is based on the actual order data.

This lets you quickly integrate both EDI-capable suppliers and suppliers working in the Web front end in a seamless purchase-to-pay process – regardless of their size or order volume.

The following video shows how this works and what benefits it offers


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