Purchasing of Services

Greater transparency in the purchasing and clearing of services

Many companies have largely standardized their purchasing of indirect materials and now place orders over an internal system – in many cases SAP SRM. The procurement of services is usually handled quite differently. Complex services in particular cannot be mapped using existing systems because the necessary functions are simply not provided. Often, it’s not entirely clear exactly what services have actually been performed and whether the costs were justified. 

Reduce process costs by entering services performed by the supplier online

SupplyOn offers a solution for the online entry of services performed that enables service providers themselves to electronically record details of services. When a service is requested, details are automatically entered on the SupplyOn platform and your supplier is informed by e-mail. This record contains information such as items (quantity ordered, service performed, quantity remaining), contacts, period and order number. Over the course of the service provision, the provider documents the progress of the work and, if appropriate, enters any increase in the expected outlay directly into the system. The record of services performed is transferred directly to an SAP SRM system over a standard connector where the buyer can then approve it. 

The entry of services performed can form the basis for a self-billing invoice or automatic billing procedure

In the case of long-term contracts or orders, an agreement is often made to pay the service provider monthly according to the services provided. The entry of services performed can then be used as the basis for a self-billing invoice. The entry of services performed can also be used as the basis for invoicing. 

Your benefits from the entry of services performed

  • You have much less work in terms of entering services performed because this is handled online by the supplier and purchasing only needs to issue approval.
  • The efficient system-supported procedure reduces the process costs when procuring services.
  • Misunderstandings and further inquiries are avoided, thus saving you time in the purchasing process.
  • You benefit from a standard connector that allows easy integration of the SupplyOn collaboration platform into your internal systems.