Efficient sourcing of direct and indirect material

With our solution, you can implement standardized and efficient sourcing processes company-wide – for both direct and indirect material. You can quickly and easily handle requests for quotation in project or serial purchasing, annual price requests and proposal evaluations, and do so for 100% of your requests. We make it easier for your buyers to generate requests for quotation through the use of project and material group-specific templates. The most suitable bidder can be quickly identified using the flexible options for comparing proposals and automatically converting currencies.

The standardized request process lets you obtain proposals from your suppliers in a shorter time. When you have reliable prices for supply parts at an early stage, you can incorporate them in precisely calculated proposals for your customers. You thereby enhance your competitiveness.

Electronic solutions for standardized sourcing processes are indispensable in today’s purchasing organizations. In day-to-day practice, however, isolated solutions are often used for certain purchasing segments, and direct and indirect purchasing have different systems. The key advantages of electronic purchasing processes are thereby lost: when businesses lack the transparency to determine what is being requested at which suppliers across all purchasing departments, they generally lose cost-effective negotiating opportunities.

With SupplyOn, we were able to map our entire sourcing process within just a few months, including contract award decisions in one system in a transparent and audit-proof manner.

Thomas Wagemann, Director Supplier Process Management, Continental Automotive

How you benefit from SupplyOn Sourcing

  • Clearly specified proposal structures and evaluation templates reduce the operational activities for your buyers and accelerate the overall request and proposal process.
  • Automated reminder e-mails prompt your suppliers to return the proposals on time.
  • Proposal information is transmitted securely via SupplyOn and protected from unauthorized access by third parties.
  • Proposals can be quickly compared with the integrated index for price variances. The table helps you to immediately identify which supplier has offered the best conditions.
  • A full integration of technical feasibility studies and APQP secure the highest quality standards in your products and processes.
  • With embedded auctions you always achieve the best prices and conditions.
  • Sustainability aspects such as the product carbon footprint (CO2) as well as environmental and social standards can be considered in the awarding.