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June 8, 2021

Why Transport Management should be an important component of your digitization strategy

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Using a Transport Management Solution (TMS) can cut your freight cost by 10 percent. But there are even more benefits to it
Using a Transport Management Solution (TMS) can cut your freight cost by 10 percent. But there are even more benefits to it

It’ no longer a secret that Transport Management can reduce costs and increase delivery reliability. Consequently, more and more SupplyOn customers are using our Transport Management Solution (TMS) to consolidate shipments, optimize routes and automatically check freight invoices.

These are just three reasons which have the potential to cut freight costs by more than 10%. But what other reasons also speak for integrating Transport Management into your digitization strategy?

  1. Being a cloud solution, you can deploy SupplyOn TMS with manageable effort.
  2. Nothing changes for your suppliers—the SCM process stays the same.
  3. Digitization leverage comes from reusing SCM data. The TMS processes this data automatically, generating freight orders and enabling the track & trace of goods in transit as well as verification of freight invoices.

TMS is digitization at its best

The benefits of an integrated TMS are obvious. Existing data is efficiently used for freight consolidation, transport visibility and invoice verification. This results in cost reduction as well as a much more robust, resilient supply chain. On top of that, you can use the data to efficiently retender transport orders. It’s digitization at its best!

By the way: Gartner also sees a clear push towards TMS: According to Bart de Muynck (Gartner VP Analyst), the coronavirus pandemic and associated disruptions are leading to increased investment in TMS systems.


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