Get a quick overview of what´s happening at your suppliers and how they are affected

The corona virus has faced us with completely new challenges in the shortest possible time. In addition to the serious impact on our health and social life, the current pandemic is a severe stress test for the economy, placing a heavy burden on all companies and their supply chain.

With regard to your supply chain, it is essential in this difficult situation to quickly find out how severely your suppliers are affected. As any continent and almost any country in the world is affected, it is important to monitor all of your suppliers, even those that are currently located in low risk areas.

SupplyOn offers a Survey tool that enables you to find out what is going on at your suppliers very fast. Therefore, you can either use our predefined Corona Impact Survey which covers all the urgent questions that need to be clarified quickly in the current situation – or you create your own Flexibel Survey with individual questions that reflect your specific information need.


Corona Impact Survey

Flexible Surveys

Find out quickly what the situation is at your suppliers and how this could affect your business:

  • How strongly are your business partners affected by the pandemic?
  • Are there already corona cases among your business partners?
  • If so, how many and how are they being dealt with?
  • Could there be production down times for parts that are relevant for you?
  • and more

The Corona Impact Survey covers all potential risks and impacts of the current pandemic. It is ready to use to get started right away.

Get an even closer picture by asking your suppliers individual questions that dig deeper and shed light on your specific situation:

  • Request potential production shut-down plans
  • Request recovery and ramp-up plans
  • and more

SupplyOn´s Flexible Survey is full of possibilities: It offers you the freedom to query all criteria from your suppliers that are relevant for your own production in a straightforward and highly structured way.


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