Make sure your suppliers are prepared for the crisis and work together on mitigation measures

In times of crisis in general, but especially during the current corona crisis, it is essential to do all in your power to keep your business running. To accomplish this, close collaboration between suppliers and buyers is essential, e.g. to take preventive measures, react on a specific situation or solve problems in a systematic way. Here is how SupplyOn tools can support you:


Business Continuity Management

Contact Data Base

Collaborative Problem Solving

Make sure your supplier has a solid Business Continuity Management (BCM) in place – ideally the ISO 22301. Simply use our BCM Compliance Survey to gather all the necessary information.

  • Will your business partner be able to continue operations without major restrictions?
  • Can he resume them as quickly as possible after an interruption?

With this knowledge you can avoid damage and an existential threat to your own company.

Make sure you have all your relevant contact data of your business partner available – including the people who cover for them in case of absence. Simply use our Impact Survey to retrieve all necessary information.

As an alternative you could also use Collaboration Folders to maintain the contact data of your business partners.

Define measures and solve problems collaboratively with your supplier. Make sure mitigation plans are implemented step by step and lived in a sustainable manner.

Simply use one of our collaboration tools – either Action Management or Project Management to work collaboratively with your suppliers on measures in a structured, trackable and transparent way.



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