Close Supply Chain Collaboration with special focus on critical demands and risk suppliers

Managing volatility in supply chains has always been a major challenge. SupplyOn has made it its aim to provide intelligent solutions that enable our customers to manage their volatilities through agile collaboration with their suppliers.


Companies that already use SupplyOn can increase their supply chain stability very easily and with little or moderate effort by using the following established tools:


Demand Collaboration
Activate tight monitoring and collaboration mode. Collect digital signals along all important Supply Chain control points and events.

  • Impose usage of ASN from your suppliers & set up alerts to keep track on deliveries (SupplyOn ASN, SupplyOn ASN Monitor)
  • Request confirmation for your Purchase Orders and Delivery Schedules (e.g. with Supply Chain Monitor)
  • Identify critical suppliers and parts through AI based order deviation recognition (SupplyOn Order)
  • Use VMI simulation to forecast stock (VMI
  • Electronically exchange all certificates and quality documents required for further use of the parts even before the goods arrive and be informed in advance of any missing documents (Paperless Goods Receipt)


Focus on your most critical parts and suppliers

  • Avoid materials being blocked and ensure electronic, delivery-based document exchange with your suppliers with Paperless Goods Receipt
  • Identify delivery risks through machine-learning (ML) based predictive stock-shortage alerts (SupplyOn ASN)
  • Track available capacities at your supplier and identify constraints based on your planned demands with Capacity Tracking
  • Monitor supplier financial risk and prepare to make early payments in case of cash flow problems 
  • Prepare backup options by analyzing feasible suppliers from recent Rfx and releasing new suppliers (Sourcing, Technical Review)


Invoices and Payment Status
Ensure transparency on all financial transactions from invoice to payment for you and your supplier to avoid unnecessary escalations and financial threats to your suppliers due to lost paper invoices or administrative hassle.

  • Monitor compliance to digital invoicing process by intelligent surveillance based on received goods and fulfilled orders (eInvoicing Monitor)
  • Give your suppliers full visibility on the processing status of all of their invoices via Finance Cockpit. Allow self-service for balance confirmation and dunning to reduce administrative effort for your organization and empower your supplier to act before running into financial turmoil.


And last but not least
Monitor consequent usage of digital processes by all of your critical suppliers to avoid surprising problems by local workarounds (Usage Monitor)



Even for companies that haven’t started their full supply chain digitization journey yet, there are ways to improve the stability of their supply chain right now. The recent supply chain disruptions showed clearly that immediate action is needed.

  • You as well as your suppliers´ employees need to be enabled to work from remote places, while team collaboration needs to be ensured and results must be documented on a common platform.
  • If you have outsourced administrative processes there is a high risk that service centers all over the world will cease their operation and orders and invoices remain unprocessed, followed by increasing financial threat to your suppliers from unpaid invoices.
  • To keep your production running, ensure transparency if your supplier is able to deliver.

We recommend to implement 3 main pillars:



Create a stable demand collaboration via a platform

  • enable your employees, suppliers and service providers to collaborate on one platform, remotely (SupplyOn SCC)
  • Collaborate with supplier on demand and VMI on one single database, without system interruptions


Switch to electronic invoicing process to make sure your invoices are paid and financial disruptions for your company and for your suppliers due to unpaid or lost (paper) invoices are mitigated (SupplyOn eInvoicing)


Ensure delivery for most critical parts 

  • Start Capacity Tracking for most critical suppliers and parts without backend integration. Include stock that is critical for your supplier operations (Rfx, Survey, P2S)
  • Use VMI Monitor to create visibility on the inventory level of the most critical parts from your suppliers



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