AirSupply - Special conditions in 2021

Join the supply chain platform for the aerospace industry

Production processes in the aerospace industry are highly complex and require ongoing communication with suppliers. To boost efficiencies, the AirSupply solution from SupplyOn supports and simplifies all collaborative processes throughout the supply life cycle.

AirSupply is used by all major European players in the aerospace sector and is considered the industry’s reference platform.

AirSupply supports the aerospace supply chain before, during and after the pandemic

  • Transparency of forecasts and orders
  • Follow-up and anticipation of payments
  • Collaboration on orders and deliveries

To support you in these challenging times, SupplyOn is offering highly attractive pricing conditions


AirSupply is directly linked to your ERP system, enabling structured and secure data flows. With AirSupply, you can share all the information essential to your supply chain with your suppliers, from procurement plans (Forecast), orders (Purchase Order), receipts (Goods Receipt)… to invoicing (Purchase to Pay).

Configurable and customizable, AirSupply makes every step of the process simple and intuitive.

Your benefits

  • A unique platform used by the major players in the aerospace industry
  • Consistent processes that are harmonized and standardized: Forecasts, Orders, Shipping Notifications, Receipts, Consignment, Supplier Performance Measurement, Electronic Invoicing, Quality, (APQP, Concession, …)
  • Simplified usage available in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian).
  • Free customer support available 24/7

Global coverage with a multi-sector professional network around a central platform

Major players from our target markets have already rolled out their strategic partners.

A worldwide network, that covers all the actors of your supply chain.

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