A strong community is critical to your success

What makes a business-to-business network successful? A reliable, technically mature platform? User-friendly software? This too, yes, but that is not all. The crucial factor is the community that is linked together through the platform. A community that uses the network as a central gateway to all of its major business partners and for managing its business processes on a day-to-day basis.

B2B networks function in a manner similar to social networks – they gain in value as the community grows in terms of interests and input of information. Transferring this to the business world, it means: the greater the number of relevant business partners that a company encounters in a B2B network, the more valuable it is.

It is against this backdrop that the SupplyOn industry platform now plays a very key role – because the sheer number of users is not all that matters. It is first and foremost the quality that counts, rather than the quantity. It has to be the right users! And you will meet a great many of these users at SupplyOn if your company belongs to one of our key focus industries – automotive, aerospace, machinery and plant engineering, railway and high-tech/electronics.