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Billentis study:
The e-invoicing journey until 2025

Billentis study

Where is the e-invoicing journey leading to till 2025?

The current issue of the Billentis Report details the fundamental changes that electronic invoicing and related processes will face in the coming years.

The market study was written by the independent, internationally renowned market analyst Bruno Koch. His goal: to help both issuers and recipients of invoices replace expensive, paper-based processes with efficient, state-of-the-art solutions.

The study provides extensive information to successfully implement and practice e-invoicing. In addition to numerous facts, the study also offers qualitative analyses on today’s typical market offerings.

From the content

  • What volume & share does the electronic invoice market currently account for? How will it evolve over the next few years?
  • Which factors are driving the further digitization of invoices?
  • How does the global invoicing landscape look like?
  • To which areas will digitization extend by 2025?
  • Which emerging technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the market?
  • How can organizations successfully implement an e-invoicing project?

Plus, the exclusive content

  • Learn how SupplyOn helps you to exploit the full potential of e-invoicing
  • Case Study: Read how Airbus leverages SupplyOn’s integrated P2P process to achieve high invoice auto-booking rates

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