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Finance Portal

All invoices including current status at a glance

Full transparency on the invoice progress

When can I expect to receive payment of my invoice — in other words, my money? The answer to this question can be of fundamental importance for companies. This is why it is even more important for every organization to be able to track the status of invoice processing at any time. Equally important, for both the customer and the supplier: To be able to clarify any discrepancies with minimal effort.

This is exactly what SupplyOn Finance Portal offers: Here, all invoices can be accessed in one place, and all invoice-related processes can be initiated and processed centrally and in a way that is traceable for both parties.

Your benefits of the
Finance Portal

Reduced manual effort: Significantly fewer queries about invoices and faster clarification of discrepancies, dunnings, etc.

High transparency: All invoice-related processes are handled in one central place. This means that the status of invoice processing is transparent for the supplier; queries can be addressed systematically

“With the Finance Portal from SupplyOn, we have obtained a great solution for us and our suppliers. It provides us with considerably more efficient processes and a higher service level. On top, our suppliers benefit from a clearly improved transparency on the status of all their invoices to Bosch, no matter which channel they use to send these invoices to us.“

Alexandra Mesquita Global Process Owner for Digital Invoices at Robert Bosch GmbH

Key features at a glance

  • Display of current processing status of all invoices, including those not created via SupplyOn Invoicing
  • Ability to initiate invoice-related processes such as dunnings, balance confirmations and inquiries of all types in a central tool
  • Fast, simple clarification of discrepancies and inconsistencies
  • Continuous, transparent process from order to invoicing and payment
Case study

Bosch provides suppliers with a comprehensive view of their invoice status, independent of the invoicing channel

The Bosch Group receives its suppliers’ invoices through many different channels, from paper to eInvoicing. Until recently, however, suppliers could obtain an overview of the processing status only for electronically sent invoices. As a result, in addition to balance confirmations or reminders, general inquiries about payment dates or the status of an invoice began to accumulate. For this reason, Bosch, together with SupplyOn, developed a Finance Portal that provides suppliers with a comprehensive view of the processing status regardless of the invoice channel. A request channel in the Finance Portal, which is integrated with other Bosch tools, further reduces internal administrative work and increases the service level.

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