About the Liebherr-Aerospace AirSupply Project

Purpose of the Liebherr-Aerospace AirSupply project

In 2012, Liebherr-Aerospace joined, as first company outside the founders, the BoostAeroSpace community, which was founded in 2008 to set a standard for successful supplier collaboration between buying companies and their suppliers in the Aerospace industry. The Liebherr-Aerospace sites in Toulouse, France, and in Lindenberg, Germany use SupplyOn AirSupply.

BoostAeroSpace was founded by Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Dassault, Safran and Thales. Since Liebherr joined in 2012, also other major players like Zodiac, Daher, MBDA, EFW and Matrium joined the community. And the community is still growing. Meanwhile more than 1.000 suppliers benefit from a standardized and harmonized supply chain.

How do you as a Liebherr supplier benefit?

Prerequisite to benefit from AirSupply is that Liebherr-Aerospace has invited you on the platform or that a contract with Liebherr has been signed. As additional prerequisite, you need to also sign a contract with SupplyOn and follow a registration process. Depending on your supplier organization (with one or several sites) and to which degree your company / your other affiliate sister companies / your mother company already uses SupplyOn, there are four different ways how registration will take place.

Once you have registered, you will benefit from

  • Single sign-on: if you already use SupplyOn for other customers / other services, you can provide your service (e.g. perform supplier actions, like confirming purchase orders) with the same suer access
  • Availability worldwide via the Web: As SupplyOn is a software-as-a-service-based collaboration portal, you can access it from everywhere, (almost) anytime: A registration with user ID and password and a supported web browser with minimum system requirements is sufficient (see also separate info with system setting information)
  • Our multi-lingual 24/7 hotline, with local dial-in numbers
  • Regular new software releases with new features, to make life more easy
  • Online tutorials, available in English, German, French and English, available any time – XLSX and CSV up- and download
  • An optional M2M integration
  • An unlimited number of users, which you can administrate on your won All this is provided for only 35 EUR / month per customer connect (e.g. Liebherr), as flat service fee, paid towards SupplyOn, including all your sites
  • All these benefits are provided for only 35 EUR / month per customer group & connect (e.g. AirSupply for Liebherr Aerospace), as flat service fee paid to SupplyOn and including all your sites

How to contact us

Should you have any question regarding your SupplyOn cockpit, the Registration Process or the Connect Booking Process, please contact our dedicated Customer Support by telephone (free toll number) or by e-mail.

Contact us here!