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The first Supplier Community Event for suppliers in the Aerospace industry

Panelists of panel discussion
Product demo meets panel discussion at the Supplier Community Event we take a look at the usage of SupplyOn solutions and find out how they are really used by customers and suppliers.

In addition to numerous events about various SupplyOn solutions, we also hosted one for our aerospace suppliers.

News, tips and tricks on SupplyOn solutions were on the agenda this time for AirSupply and Invoicing.

Christian, our Vice President SCM & Finance Solutions, gave an exciting keynote speech, which was then followed by our product experts providing insights into the solutions.

  • How can I customize my AirSupply dashboard according to my needs?
  • How can I decide which email notifications I receive, how often they are sent to me and when?
  • How can I schedule my downloads in the future?

Saskia and Wolfgang answered these questions all about the AirSupply solution.

Ludwig then showed the suppliers how the Invoice Clearance process will be supported in Invoicing in the future and how suppliers in France and Spain will be able to send their invoices to the central government agency via SupplyOn.

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes: Our producer and creative director, Jonah, provides a seamless transition from the speaker’s podium to the sofa landscape of the panel discussion.

In the second part of the event, we moved from the product demo into practice: representatives from two companies discussed the usage and benefits of AirSupply in their processes – and how the benefits can be further increased. Why was this so exciting? In the panel discussion, we looked at both sides of the coin – the customer’s view as well as the supplier’s view.

One of the invited companies – Airbus Aerostructures GmbH (formerly PAG) – fulfills both roles and uses SupplyOn on both the purchasing and selling sides. That’s why two representatives from Airbus Aerostructures – Jan-Hendrik Drees, Supply Management in the role of the “buyside” and Christoph Bertz, HO Ordering Process & DP Account Management, in the role of the “sellside” – met Benjamin Klotzbücher, Sales Manager at Georg Martin GmbH, an innovative supplier to Airbus Aerostructures, in the SupplyOn Studio.

All three panelists agreed on the quintessence of the discussion: AirSupply offers the great advantage that any company, regardless of size and IT resources, can use the solution and benefit from it. However, it is also clear that the benefits increase with the depth of the integration of AirSupply into the company’s own processes, and that a back-end integration, such as the one implemented at Airbus Aerostructures, is only worthwhile above a certain order volume. Nevertheless, even for smaller companies, a potential for added value can be identified and leveraged with less effort, for example by exploiting the greater transparency or by making intelligent use of the structured digital data with as many customers as possible on the same platform.

Airbus Aerostructures has written a remarkable success story in this regard by approaching its customers with the clear intent to collaborate via AirSupply in the future or to expand the scope of its usage. As a result, Airbus Aerostructures is now using SupplyOn AirSupply very successfully with 20 customers.

Dalisa and Mario
“Our hosts, Dalisa and Mario, wish you a joyful time at this event!”

We would like to thank all contributors for a highly rewarding event with interesting outlooks, helpful information on usage and an exciting panel discussion with a wide variety of viewpoints and insights into the everyday life of a customer and supplier!


Stay tuned and find out everything about the next events with new guests and topics here.

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