SupplyOn successfully connected around 600 Airbus suppliers to AirSupply

June 10, 2013 · reading time < 2 Min.

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has integrated around 600 suppliers via the AirSupply solution from SupplyOn to ensure efficient handling of ordering and supply processes. As scheduled, the connection of the suppliers to AirSupply was successfully completed in April, with the system used previously by most of these suppliers being shut down. SupplyOn developed the AirSupply industry solution in close cooperation with Airbus.

The solution is available for the entire European aerospace industry in collaboration with BoostAeroSpace. AirSupply is not only being used at Airbus but also at Eurocopter, Astrium and ATR, as well as at the EADS subsidiaries Premium Aerotec and Aerolia. Other companies in the aerospace industry, such as Aircelle, which belongs to the Safran Group, and Liebherr Aerospace also use the AirSupply solution. Eurocopter, Aerolia, Premium Aerotec and Aircelle, for example, are using the solution both as suppliers and as customers with their own suppliers; other companies such as Thales Avionics and Liebherr Aerospace are currently using AirSupply as a supplier and preparing to also use it as a customer. This end-to-end data flow over several levels of the supply chain ensures more stable supply chains since any bottlenecks that arise can be identified and eliminated at an early stage.

The AirSupply solution provides optimum support for the collaborative Supply Chain Management processes between customers and suppliers typically found in the aerospace industry. The solution supports foresighted capacity planning, interactive fine tuning of delivery quantities and delivery dates, order and delivery status tracking, as well as the consumption-controlled logistics concept Vendor Managed Inventory.