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A SupplyOn solution exclusively for suppliers: the Supplier Forum

This has never happened before: Suppliers get in contact via SupplyOn. In the Supplier Forum, they can now share experiences about SupplyOn or supply chain topics.
This has never happened before: suppliers connect via SupplyOn. In the Supplier Forum, they can now share experiences about SupplyOn or supply chain topics.

The Supplier Community comes together regardless of the time, place and apart from online events. But how do they do so? In the Supplier Forum! The forum will be available 24/7, worldwide and exclusively for suppliers on the SupplyOn platform. Here, for the first time, they have the opportunity to communicate with each other. Find out how networking via SupplyOn works here.

From suppliers for suppliers

In the Supplier Forum, anyone can start a discussion by opening a new thread. To keep all the topics in order, we have created different sections in the Supplier Forum.

the three sections of the Supplier Forum

  • The “General” section has room for discussions on general topics, such as supply chain trends, the corporate due diligence obligations in Supply Chains, Catena-X or whatever else is driving the Supplier Community. As is common in forums, anyone can open a thread on his or her favorite topic. Below the post, everyone else can give their opinion or share their experience on the subject.

  • If you have questions about the usage of SupplyOn solutions, it’s best to open the “Who-knows” section. Here, newcomers can find out how they can set up their own processes on the platform in the best possible way. True to the motto “from suppliers for suppliers”, the experienced users can help them to get started and share their experiences. Together, they can discuss concrete scenarios and find solutions.
  • The “Tips and Tricks” area will contain the shared knowledge of the Supplier Community. This is where SupplyOn experts will post helpful information and workarounds related to the solutions.

In addition to these three main sections, the News tab contains the latest updates from the Supplier Community team. Furthermore, the Supplier Forum allows suppliers to participate in surveys and thus actively contribute to the further development of the SupplyOn solutions.

So much for the functions of the Supplier Forum. But where did the idea of connecting suppliers actually come from? We can only say this much:

The Supplier Forum was not our idea

The genesis of the Supplier Forum begins on May 20, 2021, which is when the first Supplier Community Day took place. The Supplier Community team asked the audience the following question: What do you want from the Supplier Community initiative? The answers:

  • „Knowledge exchange“,
  • „Exchange of experience“,
  • „Platform for information exchange“,
  • and “learn from each other ”.

Their wish was our command!

Now we are happy to announce that the Supplier Forum has been online for two days. We have given everything to meet the demands of the Supplier Community and to make their input a reality. Now it is up to the suppliers to bring their own Supplier Forum to life and fill it with engaging content. We look forward to exciting discussions in the Supplier Forum!

Choose your avatar image

All that’ s left for the suppliers to do is to pick an avatar image and off they go. And as always, the same applies here: It pays to be quick the first profiles receive the early adopter trophy 😉.

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