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October 10, 2019

Liebherr-Aerospace digitizes its supply chain with AirSupply

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After positive experiences of using AirSupply as a supplier, Liebherr-Aerospace decided to also implement the solution for its own processes
After positive experiences of using AirSupply as a supplier, Liebherr-Aerospace decided to also implement the solution for its own processes

As early as the end of 2012, Liebherr-Aerospace opted to use SupplyOn’s AirSupply solution with its most important suppliers for the processes Demand Forecast, Order, Advance Shipping Notification (ASN), Goods Receipt and partly also Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – thus being the first AirSupply customer outside of BoostAeroSpace.

The aim was to link AirSupply as the supplier collaboration hub to the BaaN ERP as the leading system, making it simple and clear to coordinate delivery dates and quantities with the supplier. The main intention was to make the coordination process more transparent, thereby improving supplier delivery performance.

AirSupply was selected not only because it meets all the functional requirements for transparent collaboration processes, but also because it is already used extensively by key players in the aviation industry such as the Airbus Group, Dassault, Safran and Thales.

Liebherr-Aerospace itself was already using AirSupply at the time the decision was made, in cooperation with the customer Airbus. Therefore, it made sense to use the same tool on the supplier side as on the customer side – especially since AirSupply had already proven highly effective in terms of process support, operability, further development and support.

Since its introduction, more than 250 Liebherr-Aerospace suppliers have actively used AirSupply – and this number is continuously growing. In addition to the core AirSupply processes for demand forecasting and order collaboration with goods receipt, there is now increasing use of delivery call-off, ASN process and VMI to support better planning of supply security in collaboration with suppliers.

Enhanced visibility as key benefit

The main advantage in terms of day-to-day operations is the transparency offered by the tool: the despatcher immediately sees whether the supplier has looked at the demand and also whether they have responded and are collaborating. This avoids the error-prone and inefficient method of exchanging Excel lists.

Bernd Schacherl, Director Procurement at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH
Bernd Schacherl, Director Procurement at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH

As Bernd Schacherl says, Director Procurement at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH:

Our experience of AirSupply at both Liebherr-Aerospace locations in Lindenberg and Toulouse has been extremely positive. Coordination with our suppliers has improved considerably – partly due to the fact that both sides are using one and the same system, so they’re virtually looking at the same screen. The feedback from our suppliers has been positive too. We strongly believe this will improve delivery performance in the long term as well.


Hear what François Lehmann, Managing Director Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse says about the decision for AirSupply:

Watch the video on AirSupply:


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