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October 30, 2017

Ready for takeoff? Supply chain challenges in the aerospace industry

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A survey among aerospace suppliers lists the pivotal points for a stronger digitalization of the aerospace supply chain
A survey among suppliers lists the pivotal points for a stronger digitalization of the aerospace supply chain

The aerospace industry has a larger international footprint than almost any other sector. Ranging from individual connectors to the completed aircraft, the supply chain often spans the entire globe. In times of ever-closer collaboration and ever-tighter deadlines, the level of digitalization should actually be extensive. Actuall.

Our recently published study presents a somewhat different picture. Read more

SCM Insights
October 17, 2017

Supply chain vs. supply chain – does the paradigm of competing supply chains really apply?

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Do individual companies or compete supply networks against each other?
Do individual companies or supply networks compete against each other?

“Supply Chain vs. Supply Chain – The Hype and the Reality”. One of my colleagues recently found an article with this title in the internet, and for a number of reasons it struck me as highly interesting and also relevant. Read more

SCM Insights, Technology
August 5, 2016

True Software as a Service (SaaS) vs. ASP: What are the differences and why does true SaaS provide benefits in an SCM environment?

Matching themes: SaaS, SCM, Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-ServiceOver the past few years many companies have shown a growing interest in applying the software-as-a-service concept to a wide range of processes. This can be attributed to the many benefits provided by SaaS compared with conventional software licensing models. Read more

SCM Insights
October 14, 2015

e-invoicing begins with the order

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Golden Tax leicht gemachtToday, everybody is talking about Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of the supply chain – and yet the majority of invoices are still being sent in paper form or in unstructured formats that cannot easily be computerized.

Many companies wishing to implement an e-invoicing solution focus solely on the invoicing process instead of considering the process as a whole, from order to payment. Read more

From the Community, Inside
August 18, 2015

RailSupply on track for success

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Our supply chain management solutions originally focused on the automobile industry. However, now that the aviation industry has shown an interest in our solutions and is already successfully making use of our AirSupply product, the railway industry is now right on track for our services: RailSupply is already in demand and there are a number of companies throughout Europe who are making rapid progress with our solutions..

During a recent visit to southern Europe, a potential customer made it clear to us, just what type of problems train manufacturers are facing. Read more

SCM Insights
July 8, 2015

Me purchasing, you logistics – the organizational and procedural separation of corporate functions leads to sub-optimum results from the point of view of the supply chain

Matching themes: procurement logistics, SCM, Supply Chain

Bending the ChainAlthough the discipline “Supply Chain Management” combines aspects of purchasing and logistics from a procedural point of view, both functions exist in the majority of manufacturing companies as separate organizational units. This fact has generally been taken for granted up to now without questioning the overall aspects.

The Supply Chain Management Faculty of the University of Tennessee has taken a closer look at this topic and discovered something interesting “We have met the enemy and he is us …!” Read more

SCM Insights
October 22, 2014

Volatility hinders logistics planning – more responsibility for forwarding companies?

Matching themes: procurement logistics, SCM, transport management

Importance of procurement logistics for forwarding companiesIn its survey entitled “Market volatility in transport and logistics”, the BME predictably noted at the end of 2013 that it is more and more difficult for forwarding and shipping companies to plan their warehouse and fleet capacities owing to the growing volatility resulting from increasing globalization.

In my opinion, the most important findings of the survey were as follows:  Read more

SCM Insights, Technology
October 16, 2014

Increasing supply reliability for critical bottleneck parts

Matching themes: SCM, Supply Chain Monitoring, supply reliability

Supply Chain MonitoringGiven the increasing need for manufacturing companies to take on a global orientation, supply reliability is becoming ever more important. In this context, the term “supply reliability” refers to the sound, realistic planning and coordination of demands and capacities across the entire value added network.

At the same time, it means the ability to identify and eliminate disruptions in the supply chain early on in order to avoid production downtimes and costly special measures. As globalization progresses and increasing shares of value added are shifted to suppliers, ensuring a smooth supply of components for production becomes more and more complex.  Read more

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