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Program Increment (PI) 2022-01: new features at SupplyOn

Spannende Delivering innovation in Supply Chain Management, Invoicing, and AirSupply in the past 12 weeksin den Bereichen Supply Chain Management, Invoicing und AirSupply
Delivering innovation in Supply Chain Management, Invoicing, and AirSupply in the past 12 weeks

Our development teams have successfully completed the first Program Increment in 2022. According to the SAFe guidelines for agile software development, only one thing is missing: the retrospective. Therefore, we take a step back to review what has been successfully implemented in the past three months. You can find the three greatest innovations here.

Supply Chain Management 

In the Supply Chain Management solution, our developers have worked hard to personalize the settings for email notifications:

From now on, supplier users define for each business transaction whether they want to receive email notifications for this purpose or not. They can adjust it individually, as no administration role is required to do so. In addition, a new standard has been implemented whereby only one email notification is sent for each business transaction type regarding the first document after the last login. As a result, the notification process can now be used even more selectively.


In the area of Invoicing, there were several improvements designed to make the invoicing process even more efficient:

  • For example, in addition to the paper-based Fapiao process, Chinese suppliers can now also use the new paperless E-Fapiao process to send invoices to the Chinese Golden Tax System.
  • The development teams have also achieved their goal of significantly reducing the number of unjustified rejections of documents due to item numbers not being correctly recognized in the PDF upload process. This helps to minimize unnecessary efforts in post-processing.
  • Furthermore, many suppliers from Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic can now use digital invoice signatures. Regardless of whether the signatures are added at the customer’s request or due to legal requirements, it is another step in the direction of forgery protection and legal bindingness


Improvements have also been made to the AirSupply solution:

From now on, users will have a navigation bar available on all pages, enabling them to switch to other processes quickly – without having to go back to MyWorkspace.

Creating a new filter that affects all objects within the AirSupply solution has become much easier with the new release. In addition, each page displays which filter is currently being applied.


Our programmers were not idle in other areas either. However, some projects are too extensive to be implemented within just three months. For this reason, stay tuned to see which topics will be finalized in the next development phase.

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