December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and see you next year!

Merry ChristmasIf the hectic pace before Christmas and gray weather get you down, do yourself a favor and give yourself a short break under palm trees – just like we did at the SupplyOn Christmas party: “Christmas in the Caribbean” was our motto this year. I have to admit it sounds a bit strange at first, but sitting there in a beach chair with my feet in the sand and a cocktail in my hand was a wonderful way to shake off all the pre-Christmas stress. You could almost forget that we were still in Munich and not in the Bahamas …

On that note, we wish you a stress-free Christmas, a few relaxing days off and a great start to 2015! Read more

December 19, 2014

Christmas AGILE – can Christmas Day be saved? (part 4)

How Santa Clause tries to align his Christmas organization with agile principles, you could read in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 last week. Find out how the story of “Christmas AGILE” ends:

Tuesday, November 11th: Christmas 43 days off

weihnachtself-laptop_m12:50 p.m.
I am sitting in our Christmas Lunch Area and thinking. The morning runs like expected. We had our requirements workshop. I presented the wishes and they were estimated. The task break down was ready before lunch. All run fast and smoothly.

I cannot apply myself completely the new wishes. More wishes are coming in every day. Most of them are more or less standard and we can manage well. Even the other teams are quite good in their plans as First Witch told us this morning during the stand up.

I am convinced that we can manage well.  Read more

From the Community
December 16, 2014

Highlights from the Aviation Forum 2014 in Hamburg – brief and to the point

Matching themes: AirSupply, Inbound Supply Chain, supplier collaboration

Aviation Forum HamburgStorm or no storm – this was one of the crucial questions when the Aviation Forum 2014 started – as in 2013, storm “Xaver” was the reason why many participants of the Aviation Forum had to leave earlier.

This time, everybody was lucky: the predicted storm staid an announcement without consequences. So there were no time-wise restrictions to discuss crucial issues derived from the motto of the conference: “Strategic Evolution of the Aerospace Value Chain: Strategies – Concepts – Solutions”. Read more

December 12, 2014

Christmas AGILE – in the era of globalization (part 3)

How Santa Clause tries to align his Christmas organization with agile principles, you could read in Part 1 and Part 2 last week. It´s not the end of the story yet – find out how the tale of “Christmas AGILE” continues:

WeihnachtsmannMonday, November 3rd: Christmas 51 days off

03:00 p.m.
This Friday was horrible! When First Witch came back from Santa Claus, she was so angry, that still small thunderstorm clouds oozed out of her ears. Until late afternoon, she was not approachable. But we didn’t know, what to do – should I really take care of the Asian wishes? The other elves went simply on with their wishes. The engineers occupied themselves with the next wish and the testers had a lot of rainbows above their desks. I saw indecisively to Santa Claus’ files. Should I really screen them? How would First Witch react? I didn’t really want to risk a thunderstorm cloud above my head. So I left them laying on my desk – but I couldn’t concentrate on the wishes of the next sprint either. The days ends without a decision making. Read more

SCM Insights, Use Cases
December 9, 2014

No more retyping of time sheets: Having your suppliers enter their services performed online reduces the cost of your purchasing process

Matching themes: entry of services performed, indirect procurement, service procurement

Schluss mit Abtippen: Online Leistungserfassung durch den LieferantenDo you purchase services and find that entering the services performed is not organized consistently and cost-effectively? SupplyOn has developed a solution. The procurement of services is now common practice and offers many advantages, but often the administrative effort required prohibits the cost-effective organization of service provision processes.

For example, suppose you have engaged a software house to work for six months on customizing your financial software. You will naturally want to know how many of the contracted man-days the provider uses each month. At present, the service provider sends you a performance sheet in an e-mail, as a PDF document, or gives you the information by phone. You, the buyer, then have to log in to your system (e.g., SAP SRM) and enter the services performed by hand. On this basis the supplier submits a monthly invoice, or possibly only one invoice at the end of the contract period, since partial invoices are too labor-intensive. There are obviously a number of disadvantages to this process, ranging from manual data input to rising costs because of the buyer’s increased workload.

How can SupplyOn help you optimize the process?  Read more

Technology, Use Cases
December 3, 2014

SAP SRM coupled with SupplyOn can reduce your process costs for the procurement of services and reduce Purchasing’s workload

Matching themes: indirect procurement, service procurement

While catalogs for ordering office supplies via SAP SRM have been an established standard for years, this has not been the case for purchasing complex services.

Why is that? In our view, the main reason is that, for office supplies, buyers know exactly how much of anything they need to order.

When ordering a service however, it is necessary to reach agreement with the supplier. SAP SRM does not support the process of negotiating with suppliers, and that explains why operating departments cannot simply buy services from a catalog.

SupplyOn has now solved this problem. Read more

November 28, 2014

Christmas AGILE – this year we are agile! (part 1)

With only four weeks to go before Christmas, we have an insider reveal some secrets about Santa Clause´s Christmas organization. Every Friday until Christmas, you can follow this special Christmas tale and find out along with the story what it means to be agile. 

Wednesday, October 15th: Christmas 70 days off

Weihnachtsmann8:00 a.m.
I am going to go to Santa Claus as each year – I am an elf and must help him bringing the gifts to the children at Christmas. At Eastern, I do the same for Easter Bunny. And in the summer – let us keep silent about it …

Thus I fly to the North Pole (the scheduling of the public flying carpets becomes worse each year). I go to the office and start my computer. As each year, I am awaiting a flood of wishes, which need to be handled: Archive, categorize, structure … of the wishes of last year, preparing the wish categories of this year, sorting of the remaining wishes – called left overs.

My inbox was well filled in the last years. But this year – nothing, simply nothing. Read more

SCM Insights, Use Cases
November 27, 2014

Transportation Control Tower: A powerful tool for industrial companies

Matching themes: Control Tower, transport management, transportation control tower

Control TowerThe concept of a transportation control tower carries many positive connotations. A control tower has everything under control by maintaining an overview of all that’s going on—or, stated more precisely, a control tower makes it possible to intervene in transports at any time in order to adapt processes and steer them in the right direction. Read more

November 3, 2014

Welcome to the Supply Chain Collaboration Blog!

I am excited to introduce you to the Supply Chain Collaboration Blog!

What’s in it for you?

Our blog is all about collaboration, because we’re convinced that the ability to collaborate is a crucial factor in a company’s success. In particular, we write about collaboration in the supply chain since that concerns our day-to-day business and we can give our own inside story.

You can learn more about Read more

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