From sourcing to invoicing to transport management – digitize your supply chain with SupplyOn’s integrated solution portfolio

SupplyOn has been digitizing supply chains in the manufacturing industry for nearly 20 years now. Our key to success: Offering one truly integrated end-to-end solution suite to run your time-critical supply chain smoothly and with the highest possible business value. The portfolio includes all collaborative processes with business partners: from contract to transport management, from sourcing to invoicing, from classical order management to sophisticated analytics. You name it, we do it.

A unique global network of over 65,000 companies has evolved organically and is ever-expanding, including the major players in automotive, aerospace, rail and engineering. Today, this network is the digital supply chain backbone in the global manufacturing industry. Moreover, it serves as the ideal foundation for digitally transforming your supply chain to make it future-ready.

What tips the scale for making SupplyOn your ideal partner is: Our solutions stem from our deeply rooted ties to the automotive and aerospace industry, both of which are global pacesetters and role models when it comes to digitization maturity.

For decades, both industries have excelled in implementing highly sophisticated, standardized processes. And very early on, both started to digitize, optimize, innovate and digitally transform their entire industry end-to-end on a multi-tier level.

Since 2000, SupplyOn has designed its solutions to optimally support these high-end digital supply chain processes. Our ecosystem connects around 90 percent of the suppliers in both sectors, enabling all parties involved to benefit from invaluable network effects. This enormous success story continues in other sectors within the manufacturing industry.