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August 10, 2016

Digital transformation in the aerospace industry

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Digital Transformation in the Aerospace Industry: The French business magazine L´Usine Nouvelle has published a comprehensive article about the Digitalization of the Aerospace Supply Chain: The Airbus Group, Dassault Aviation, Thales and Safran extend the usage of AirSupply – the industry platform that has been initiated by these companies in 2011 – to the whole Aerospace supply chain.

All you need to know about the purpose of this initiative, the experience of the users and the benefits you will find here in the English translation of the article. Read more

Use Cases
May 17, 2016

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH turns to AirSupply to digitalize its supply chain

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A little over one year ago, Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW) selected SupplyOn’s AirSupply solution to improve the aircraft company’s ordering processes with its most important suppliers.

In taking this step, EFW wanted to implement a collaborative ordering process that would enable delivery quantities and dates to be easily and transparently coordinated with its suppliers. Another goal was to improve supplier performance. Read more

From the Community
April 29, 2016

How German aerospace SMEs remain competitive in spite of structural changes in the supply chain

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At the invitation of SPACE Deutschland, over 60 representatives of German aerospace SMEs (small and medium-sized aerospace enterprises) took part in the 3rd SPACE Annual Network Meeting at Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth, Germany, on 25/26.04.2016. Incidentally, SPACE stands for “Supply chain Progress towards Aeronautical Community Excellence”. As a sector association for the aerospace industry and its supply chain, SPACE aims to improve the industrial performance of its members. Read more

From the Community
February 16, 2016

How the Aerospace Conference PNAA flies into the future – and which role a “hole in the portfolio” plays

Matching themes: aerospace, AirSupply, SCM

The weather was rainy, but information was hot: this year’s PNAA (Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association) Aerospace Conference in Lynnwod, WA, was again the “place to be” for aerospace decision takers who want to know towards which destination the industry is moving to: Located closely to the Boeing plants of Renton (production of all 737 family aircraft) and Everett (wide-body production, including 787), the PNAA had the biggest participation ever, with 500+ participants.

This year’s PNAA topic was “Flying into the future” and 180 member companies joined. They did a good job in including the “young ones without the grey hair”, as PNAA chairman Bill King announced. Read more

From the Community
March 20, 2015

Supply Chain Excellence Forum 2015: Joint efforts to improve the supply chain – from correction to anticipation

Matching themes: AirSupply, SCM, supplier collaboration

Supply Chain Excellence ForumFor the second consecutive year, Aerospace supply chain managers from BavAiria, but also from other clusters/associations like SPACE and Niedersachsen Aviation met at the Aerospace Industry Park of Oberpfaffenhofen to discuss how to manage the challenges of Tier n in the German Aerospace industry.

In their welcome address, Mr Gundel and Mr Schwarz from the BavAiria welcomed over 150 participants, about 50% of them Aerospace SC managers from Bavaria. In their opening, they made a strong statement that clusters and associations take a responsible role to foster stable supply chains and support process innovations, which are perhaps sometimes neglected, in comparison to product innovations.

Read more

From the Community
March 6, 2015

Highlights from the 29th Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Beverly Hills

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Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference 2015

Valuable traditions need to be cultivated, especially in challenging times. This is definitely true for the SpeedNews in Beverly Hills: For the 29th year, SpeedNews held its Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Beverly Hills, California, on March 2-4, 2015.

Aircraft and engine manufacturers shared about the status of their current programs and industry experts, including equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, aviation analysts, financial institutions, marketing executives and solution providers discussed current hot topics in the Aerospace industry.

Read more

From the Community
February 13, 2015

How the PNAA mastered the momentum

Matching themes: aerospace, AirSupply, Inbound Supply Chain

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association ConferenceMastering the Momentum – this was the topic for this year’s Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association Conference (PNAA Conference), which just finished today at Lynnwood, State of Washington, in the Northwest of the United States – very close to Seattle and even closer to the Boeing Everett plant, where the aircraft Boeing 747, 777 and 787 are being manufactured.

Read more

SCM Insights
January 7, 2015

Are you collaborating already, or do you just exchange data?

Matching themes: AirSupply, APQP, Industry 4.0, procurement, supplier collaboration

In spite of the continuing spread of the Internet and the associated improvements to companies’ electronic networks, business processes are still largely based on the exchange of unstructured data by e-mail or even fax.

This may well surprise us, particularly as the fourth industrial revolution, ‘Industry 4.0,’ was proclaimed some time ago, Read more

From the Community
December 16, 2014

Highlights from the Aviation Forum 2014 in Hamburg – brief and to the point

Matching themes: AirSupply, Inbound Supply Chain, supplier collaboration

Aviation Forum HamburgStorm or no storm – this was one of the crucial questions when the Aviation Forum 2014 started – as in 2013, storm “Xaver” was the reason why many participants of the Aviation Forum had to leave earlier.

This time, everybody was lucky: the predicted storm staid an announcement without consequences. So there were no time-wise restrictions to discuss crucial issues derived from the motto of the conference: “Strategic Evolution of the Aerospace Value Chain: Strategies – Concepts – Solutions”. Read more

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