December 5, 2014

Christmas AGILE – cherish sprints and backlogs (part 2)

Matching themes: Christmas

Agile ChristmasLast week you could read here how Santa Clause tries to align his Christmas organization with agile principles.  Find out how the special tale on Christmas AGILE” continues:

Wednesday, October 22nd: Christmas 63 days off

8:00 a.m.
Our first sprint starts. Yay! Backlog is ready. All wishes are estimated. Read more

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December 3, 2014

SAP SRM coupled with SupplyOn can reduce your process costs for the procurement of services and reduce Purchasing’s workload

Matching themes: indirect procurement, service procurement

While catalogs for ordering office supplies via SAP SRM have been an established standard for years, this has not been the case for purchasing complex services.

Why is that? In our view, the main reason is that, for office supplies, buyers know exactly how much of anything they need to order.

When ordering a service however, it is necessary to reach agreement with the supplier. SAP SRM does not support the process of negotiating with suppliers, and that explains why operating departments cannot simply buy services from a catalog.

SupplyOn has now solved this problem. Read more

November 28, 2014

Christmas AGILE – this year we are agile! (part 1)

Matching themes: agile organization, Christmas

With only four weeks to go before Christmas, we have an insider reveal some secrets about Santa Clause´s Christmas organization. Every Friday until Christmas, you can follow this special Christmas tale and find out along with the story what it means to be agile. 

Wednesday, October 15th: Christmas 70 days off

Weihnachtsmann8:00 a.m.
I am going to go to Santa Claus as each year – I am an elf and must help him bringing the gifts to the children at Christmas. At Eastern, I do the same for Easter Bunny. And in the summer – let us keep silent about it …

Thus I fly to the North Pole (the scheduling of the public flying carpets becomes worse each year). I go to the office and start my computer. As each year, I am awaiting a flood of wishes, which need to be handled: Archive, categorize, structure … of the wishes of last year, preparing the wish categories of this year, sorting of the remaining wishes – called left overs.

My inbox was well filled in the last years. But this year – nothing, simply nothing. Read more

SCM Insights, Use Cases
November 27, 2014

Transportation Control Tower: A powerful tool for industrial companies

Matching themes: control tower, transport management

Control TowerThe concept of a transportation control tower carries many positive connotations. A control tower has everything under control by maintaining an overview of all that’s going on—or, stated more precisely, a control tower makes it possible to intervene in transports at any time in order to adapt processes and steer them in the right direction. Read more

November 3, 2014

Welcome to the Supply Chain Collaboration Blog!

I am excited to introduce you to the Supply Chain Collaboration Blog!

What’s in it for you?

Our blog is all about collaboration, because we’re convinced that the ability to collaborate is a crucial factor in a company’s success. In particular, we write about collaboration in the supply chain since that concerns our day-to-day business and we can give our own inside story.

You can learn more about Read more

SCM Insights
November 3, 2014

Has the aerospace industry outdistanced the automotive industry?

Matching themes: Inbound Supply Chain, supplier collaboration

aerospace industryThis seems to be a valid question: The figures reported by aerospace market analysts and managers can only seem a dream scenario for the automotive sector. Annual growth rates of approximately 7 per cent for commercial aircrafts with 150 seats – subsequently doubling the projected number for the next 10 years.

The automotive sector, on the other hand, is struggling with over-capacities: The core markets are saturated and where rapid growth is present, particularly in China, new competitors are emerging. These will certainly get their share of the pie simply due to the fact that European manufacturers must engage in joint ventures, paying the price with precious know-how. Then add to the equation the growing expectations of end customers: Which end customer is willing to wait 6 months after ordering his individually customized dream-vehicle when the competitors can deliver a comparable, self-configured vehicle much faster? Read more

SCM Insights
October 22, 2014

Volatility hinders logistics planning – more responsibility for forwarding companies?

Matching themes: procurement logistics, SCM, transport management

Importance of procurement logistics for forwarding companiesIn its survey entitled “Market volatility in transport and logistics”, the BME predictably noted at the end of 2013 that it is more and more difficult for forwarding and shipping companies to plan their warehouse and fleet capacities owing to the growing volatility resulting from increasing globalization.

In my opinion, the most important findings of the survey were as follows:  Read more

Use Cases
October 20, 2014

Up to 40 percent faster administration during development projects

Matching themes: APQP, project management

Excel remains a popular project management tool, despite the fact that it makes it impossible to generate a shared view of the project when you work with external partners – a flaw that is particularly troublesome when projects become more complex. Is every project member working on schedule? Is everyone working with the latest project documents? More and more companies are reaching the limitations of Excel – because project documents are unstructured and not filed in a way which allows access for everyone involved, because people work with different versions of the documents and because deadlines for submission cannot be monitored in a transparent manner. Read more

SCM Insights, Technology
October 16, 2014

Increasing supply reliability for critical bottleneck parts

Matching themes: asset tracking, digital supply chain, SCM, security of supply, visibility

Supply Chain MonitoringGiven the increasing need for manufacturing companies to take on a global orientation, supply reliability is becoming ever more important. In this context, the term “supply reliability” refers to the sound, realistic planning and coordination of demands and capacities across the entire value added network.

At the same time, it means the ability to identify and eliminate disruptions in the supply chain early on in order to avoid production downtimes and costly special measures. As globalization progresses and increasing shares of value added are shifted to suppliers, ensuring a smooth supply of components for production becomes more and more complex.  Read more

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September 25, 2014

100% procurement compliance is achievable!

Matching themes: compliance, procurement

100 Prozent Compliance in der BeschaffungCompliance is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge, in particular for large international corporations: purchasing volumes to the tune of billions of euros, thousands of contracts to be awarded every year, global purchasing organizations with hundreds of buyers, and legislators that require each purchasing decision to be traceable. Read more

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